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Top Ten Vista Blog / Site

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Best vista Blog / Site

The following 10 websites are being declared as the Top 10 Vista websites in the 'Best Windows Vista Websites Contest' and have been put up for a public vote.

1. MintyWhite Windows Guides : mintywhite.com
02. Vista Revisited : vistarevisited.com
03. Windows Vista Update : windows-vista-update.com
04. Windows Vista For Beginners : vista4beginners.com
05. Tweaking With Vishal : askvg.com
06. MaximumPCGuides : maximumpcguides.com
07. Windows Vista Forums : thevistaforums.com
08. The Road To Know Where : bhandler.spaces.live.com
09. Windows Vista Weblog : windowsvistaweblog.com
10. Vista & XP Media Center Support Community : xpmediacentre.com.au

From among the many participants, the Panel of Judges comprising of, Steve Sinchak MVP of TweakVista.com , John Barnett MVP of VistaSupport.mvps.org , Steven Bink of Bink.nu , Kerry Brown MVP of VistaHelp.ca , Aryeh Goretsky MVP of Eset.com , James Stables of WindowsVistaMagazine.com , Emil Protalinski of Arstechnica.com , Barney Tormey of Neowin.net and myself have decided to shortlist the following as the Top 10 Windows Vista Website's and put them up for poll.

Click HERE to cast your vote for your favourite Windows Vista Website, and in the process also get to know some other real good ones !

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