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Earn with TNX.net


Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

TNX is a new text link advertising platform emerges to serve both publishers and advertisers equally and it has been around the internet since September 2007. TNX offers publishers the opportunity to earn TNX points which can be used in 2 ways; simply by displaying TNX text ad links of their pages or sell the points to TNX to get money. Advertisers also enjoy cheap and effective way of getting high-volume, non-reciprocal links from thousands of websites.

For only a few bucks you can get thousand of pages pointing to your blog and you can buy 20,000 points for a mere $30 a month. With abundance of free points, advertisers has the capacity to promote to thousands of publishers’ websites, all can be done on the fly from TNX control panel. As an advertiser you will also receive well-targeted traffic from relevant websites. Below is the advertising cost structure used in TNX.

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