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How to sorts Emails into Folders in Windows Live Hotmail

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Using Windows Live hotmail, you can organize your Inbox by creating filters to direct incoming messages to specific folders. for e.g i can use TechSurface folder for every comments drop on my site.


To do so, Follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Windows Live ID or Windows Live Hotmail
  • Click on the Options –> more option

  • Under Customize your mail, click on Automatically sort e-mail into folders.

  • After that, Click on New filter  button

Now, There are two steps to complete the operation:

  • In the Step 1, Set the condition to sort the E-mails, see below picture

  • In Step 2, Select the Sorted E-mail’s Destination

    From above both step, my sorting condition is:
             ” If From name starts with "Hari" move message to Friends “
  • Click on Save

Now, you have successfully organized your emails in sorted manner.


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