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Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista e-book for free


Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista

By Michael Howard and David LeBlanc
ISBN: 9780735623934

The definitive guide to developing more-secure software applications for Windows Vista Get the definitive guide to writing more-secure code for Windows Vista—from the authors of the award-winning Writing Secure Code, Michael Howard and David LeBlanc.

This reference is ideal for developers who understand the fundamentals of Windows programming and APIs. It complements Writing Secure Code, examining the delta between Windows XP and Windows Vista security. You get first-hand insights into design decisions, lessons learned from Windows Vista development, and practical advice for solving real-world security issues.

Discover how to:

  • Develop applications to run without administrator privileges
  • Apply best practices for using integrity controls
  • Help protect your applications with ASLR, NX, and SafeSEH
  • Evaluate authentication, authorization, and cryptography enhancements in Windows Vista
  • Write services that restrict privileges and tokens—and sidestep common problems
  • Learn how Windows Internet Explorer 7 defenses and new security features affect your development efforts
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