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Tune to TV & Radio Using Winamp

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Winamp is a free multimedia viewing application and there is very little chance that you may not have already installed it on your system. There are many plug-ins available for this application. One such free plug-in is Winamp TV developed by Branimir Lambov, which can be obtained from http://www.tv-plugin.com and is a tiny download.

You can either download the Lite version, which is the final one, or the beta-version, which has more features such as capture, but is a bit unstable. This plug-in enables Winamp to be used in conjunction with your TV tuner card, as a TV viewing application and as an FM radio if your card has a FM tuning unit.

WinampTV uses Microsoft's WDM streaming technology to play video and connect sound and hence requires WDM drivers for the TV tuner to be installed. It will not work with TV Tuners having only (the older) VFW (Video for Windows) drivers. 


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Rahul Manekari said...
November 2, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

cool... it will be very hepful for me..

keep sharing such a nice things Hari...

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