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Microsoft Eyes India as a Big Market for Windows Vista

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      Microsoft is pushing Windows Vista in a big way in India. According to Microsoft, over 180 million licenses of Windows Vista have been sold worldwide, with India adoption alone crossing over two million copies.

     Initially, there were concerns around Windows Vista in the areas of device and application compatibility. There were some misconceptions about the hardware requirements for Windows Vista and its resultant overall performance.

     “Over the last year and a half, Microsoft has made a variety of investments in Windows Vista to make it a compelling upgrade for enterprises. Businesses and consumers are adopting it at a good pace. We’re pleased with Vista’s progress thus far. Since the consumer launch in January 2007, nearly 180 million Windows Vista licenses have been sold worldwide.

        According to Meduri, since the launch, large computer manufacturers such as HCL, HP, Lenovo, Sahara, Wipro and Zenith have been shipping Vista-loaded PCs. They understand from these OEM partners that there has been an encouraging uptake of Vista- loaded computers in the Home User segment.

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