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Backup Your Computer Drivers with Driver Magician Lite

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Driver Magician Lite is a nice freeware utility that lets you backup all the drivers which are installed on your computer. It can identify all the hardware’s in the system, extract there drivers and back them up on any location. The drivers can then be as easily restored as they were backed up after a computer format.

It has got a very simple layout. It shows you a spreadsheet type layout for all the drivers installed, you can then select all the drivers or select some some of the drivers. I tried backing up all the drivers of my computer and it took around 5 minutes. You can specify the location where you want your drivers to be saved.

This utility will come handy if you have lost your motherboard or other such CD and doesn’t want to do the hassle of finding the driver on the net. The backed up drivers can be installed easily after a computer format.


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