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Pictomio application was designed to help you manage, organize, and archive your photo collection and be used to create elaborate animated slideshows. Utilizing the processing power of the latest 3D graphics cards, the Pictomio software offers techniques and effects that are previously available only in game development.

Here are some key features of "Pictomio":

Image Management
· Conveniently mange entire photo libraries and archives with several thousand images. When managing photos, browse directories on your hard drives or add photos to a virtual photo album by using drag and drop.

Exif Editor
· The integrated Exif editor allows you to view, edit, and save meta data associated with JPEG files.

mage Rating
· While you are viewing your photos, you can use a dynamic toolbar to access all of the main software functions. The rating system uses smileys, which makes rating your photos quick and easy.

Liquid Zoom
· Smooth high-quality zooming, utilizing mip levels to reduce aliasing, allows you to continuously zoom into your photos. You can also disable bilinear filtering to view every pixel of your photos.

3D Image Carousel
· Scroll through your photos quickly and easily by flipping through our 3D image carousel. Use your mouse to specify the direction in which you want your photos to move.

· Pictomio makes it easy to create slideshows simply by drag and drop. Elaborate transitions are now available with Pictomio by utilizing of the capabilities of modern 3D graphics cards.


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