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MSN Flexes Its Muscle


Who says the portals don't matter? Or that YouTube is the only place a video can grab eyeballs?

On Wednesday of last week, the political parody "Some Campaignin'" got 835,000 views on MSN's homepage. That was more views than the week's top video on YouTube, "Homemade Porn," which got 824,000 views the same day, according to TubeMogul.

By Friday, with combined distribution on MSN, YouTube (400,000) and MySpaceTV (300,000), JibJab's "Some Campaignin'" racked up 1.7 million views and was outpacing "Homemade Porn," (1.3 million) YouTube's top video of the week.

What does it mean? Without MSN promotion, a funny faux porn video easily trumps a funny political video. With MSN promotion, politics wins, for at least one week. ("Homemade Porn," uploaded to YouTube on July 14 had two more days to accumulate views. "Some Campaignin'" was released July 16.)

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