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Cooliris Preview - makes surfing easy

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Click-less browsing

Cooliris Previews is a free browser add-on that lets you preview links and rich media without clicking or leaving your current page, so you can browse the web faster than ever. Simply mouseover your link or our Cooliris icon, and a preview window instantly appears with your content. No more clicking back and forth!
Interactive preview.

Fully interactive on just about any website, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, YouTube, Flickr. Also try Cooliris Previews on blogs, discussion forums, news sites, and and more.

Free of adware, spyware, and worries.

Cooliris Previews is free to download, free to use, and does not contain any adware or spyware whatsoever.


* Preview web links, images, and videos without even clicking.
* NEW! Enjoy Google Images and Yahoo Images in a slideshow mode.
* Stack previewed items into temporary bookmarks to review.
* Instantly send links to friends and family with just a click.
* Automatically subsearch Google, Wikipedia, or just about any searchable website by right-clicking on any phrase
* Customize Cooliris to control preview window activation (mouseover, CTRL-hover, 1-click, click icon), time delay, size and placement.

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