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Stardock's Desktop Pet

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Stardock's Desktop Pet has been specially designed to live on your desktop. Your pet comes with plenty of objects to keep him occupied - in fact, we had trouble fitting some of them in the delivery crate!

Designed with its own artificial intelligence, the pet doesn't just randomly walk around your desktop. He has needs such as hunger, sleep, boredom, health, and other basic desires that help bring him to life.

Starting out as an egg, the pet hatches and lives out his life interacting with your desktop. You can pet and tickle him, feed him, or set various desktop objects to automatic to provide food and entertainment. Users can pause the pet any time (or unload it entirely) and he will pick up where he left off when you un-pause or reload it.

The pet also comes complete with sound effects and plenty of settings per object to control the environment.

Get it !

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