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Bitdefender Updates 9th november 2007


To configure the automatic update do the following:

  1. Open BitDefender and click Update.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Configure the Update location settings.

    BitDefender 9 includes two update locations, allowing one of them to point to a local mirror.

  4. Configure the Automatic update options.

    Select Automatic check for updates to find out when updates are available.

    BitDefender checks for updates every 1 hour. Click Verify every <1> hours to modify the number of hours after which a check for updates is performed.

    Leave the Confirm update to Silent update unless you desire to be prompted before downloading the updates or before installing them. A similar option is available for the manual update under the Manual update settings.

  5. Configure the Advanced options.

    To prevent prompts asking for reboot, select Wait for reboot, instead of prompting.

  6. Click Apply to save the settings.
  7. Click Default to restore the default settings.

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