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TechSurface is a website  dedicated to Technology, Online reviews,  Software information,Windows Tweak, Troubleshooting etc... Here you’ll find some tips, links and other useful information mostly about the Windows Operating Systems.

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About  Hari Maurya

        Hariprasad Maurya,
popularly Known as ‘Hari Maurya‘ all over the web is currently appearing for Final year Diploma in Information Technology. Hari is an enthusiastic person who always tries to do something new.

With a strong admiration about Microsoft Technology, he has started his first blog dedicated to Microsoft Technology on 16th January, 2008 called “Hari Maurya (www.harimaurya.blogspot.com )”, later on November 2008 renamed to “ TechSurface (www.TechSurface.com) “.

He also started a website “PRPCAMPUS ( www.prpcampus.co.cc ) for helping the polytechnic students of Maharashtra, India.

He got his first PC on 15th August 2005 and spends most of his time on computers and will be found busy working on Internet almost all time. He actively participates in most of the Online Microsoft Forums community like Mera Windows, WinVistaClub, and Microsoft Answers etc… and most other technology forums.

He is an active member of MumbaiITPro user group and always eager to help his friends and peers in whatever way he can.

His Expertise: Windows Desktop Experience, Windows Live, Software consulting, Video Editing

His Interest: Blogging, Playing with Windows, Multimedia activities like Short film making, Video Editing, Cameraman

When in leisure: Music, Painting, Watching TV Sleeping, Thinking and Thinking

His Website: www.techsurface.com , www.prpcampus.co.cc

His Live Spaces blog: www.livesurface.spaces.live.com

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